Our Kitchen:

A real passion for catering, cultivated in the best restaurants both in Italy and abroad, then the desire to create a place that reflects, at least in part their character.
In his preparations Franco manages, almost by magic, to bring out the taste of every single ingredient and his strong artistic sense makes sure that his dishes have a decidedly captivating color effect, skills, these, which are enhanced by the daily use of fresh seasonal products and a rich selection of the best cuts of domestic and foreign meat.

The Cellar:

The right wine pairing can’t be lacking alongside a refined taste for good food.
The Restaurant La Locanda De Mauris offers in this regard a refined collection of fine wines in continuous evolution, both typical of the Trentino territory and from different other Italian regions. This love for good wine is also reflected in the desire to organize themed evenings and tastings in this regard, of which you can get news in the Events section.

The “Trentino Ecoristoration” project, to which this exercise adheres and conforms, aims to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the catering service and its supply chain, namely energy and water consumption, waste production, air and water pollution, and at the same time to promote the benefits of the territory by the choice of local and organic productions. Through the “Ecoristoration Trentino” brand issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento, this exercise demonstrates its commitment to the preservation of the environment, reduces its environmental impact and invites its customer to support this effort through the adoption of good environmental practices. The certification “Ecoristoration Trentino” guarantees the presence in the menu of organic products and trentino supply chain, the reduction of waste produced, the optimization of water and energy consumption, the use of ecological products, the environmental information activity to customers.

  • In this menu there are courses whose main ingredients are from the Trentino supply chain, that is, entirely composed of Trentino operators (breeders, growers, trainers, distributors). These courses are also combined with wines from the Trentino supply chain. With the Trentino supply chain menu, we guarantee the reduction of polluting emissions due to the transport of food.
  • This menu contains organically certified food and drink. In this way, by supporting an environmentally friendly farming method, we ensure better protection of natural resources and biodiversity, as well as greater welfare for animals.
  • In this exercise, the customer has the opportunity to drink tap water. In this way, we ensure a lower consumption of natural resources, the reduction of polluting emissions due to the transport of bottles and the reduction of packaging waste.
  • In this exercise, the customer has the opportunity to ask the restaurateur to take home, using a special container, the food and drinks ordered, but not entirely consumed during his meal. In this way, we avoid food waste and ensure the reduction of organic waste.

The courses at the Trentino supply chain are co-sponsored by the following symbol

The dishes with organic products are marked with the following symbolbio

The courses with dop products are marked with the following symbol